The old main house

The Villa

You can also stay in the old main house and you can rent an individual room or if you´re a bunch of friends you can rent the whole villa.  The Villa is a different experience from The Stable with high ceilings, old wooden floors and colorfull wallpapers. On the second floor we´ve opened it up all the way to the ridge and created a spacious living area with around 6 meters  to the ridge. In each end there are large rooms with glass walls and in the middle there´s couches to hang in with friends, family or colleagues.  On the ground floor are living rooms, and a dining room that we turn into a conference room if that´s what you are there for.  There´s a total of four spacious rooms in The Villa all with their own bathrooms and an extra room with no bathroom. The Villa is 340 square meters of something out of the ordinary.